Conference Call Replay Instructions

To listen to a replay of today’s conference call at your convenience, please follow the instructions below. The recording will be available through January 15, 2020 at 10 AM EDT.

Playback by Phone

1.   To access the conference specified above, dial the phone number shown below according to your locale.
US/Canada - 888-899-7904
International/Local - 706-679-5560
2.   At the prompt, enter Playback ID 302703008 followed by the pound sign (#).
3.   The playback will begin.

The following keypad commands are available during the conference playback:
1      Rewind 5 seconds
3      Fast forward 5 seconds
*      Pause/Resume playback
8      End playback

Playback via the Internet

1.      Click on the link below or paste the entire URL into your browser
2.      At the prompt, enter your name and email address
3.      Choose your player
4.      Click listen

As always, please contact us at 703-739-4548 with any questions.